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Patron Program (6months)

Patron Program (6months)

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The patron or “pin script” program will be slightly more expensive but I’ll be doing a special variant of every pin for every patron holder. I will make 10 available. There will only be a few AP of these pins that would circulate into the group. I’ll also be making limited edition slaps and other merch that will be somewhat exclusive. It could be as simple as offering a different color way for merchandise outside of the “pin script”.


You will be added to a group chat for patron holders and I will do monthly reminders for payment as well as host discussions.

$145 monthly for every pin (aside from gifts) Vomitart produces.

Exclusive color way pins for patron holders.

Access to merchandise that will not always be available to the group. Example: samples, customized digital prints, and exclusive color ways for merchandise that qualifies.

This is a six month program but members may opt back in or out at the end of six months.

This will include all production moving forward. I can’t include Lysergic or other items in production but LUNA will be.
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